Perfect PE Partners

We have made fabulous progress in PE this week by developing our throwing, catching and balancing skills.

We used the benches to travel across them in different ways, using different parts of our bodies. We challenged ourselves to carry a ball across the bench with our partners using metre sticks – it was very tricky and we had to work as a team to be successful.

We also enjoyed a game of giant air hockey!  We used the foam discs to hit the puck towards our opponent’s goal.  We used lots of different muscles while we lay on our tummies to play.

Ground Force!

Red flag = out of bounds

The children have worked extremely hard tidying the playground woods this week.  They have used the tools safely to rake up huge mounds of leaves and to finish filling the tyres with soil.  

The adults were looking for these positive behaviours during the afternoon:  good thinking, good listening, being safe and teamwork and of course, having lots of fun!  They certainly saw lots of positivity and fun!

The children had lots of fun playing co-operatively together… they even covered Miss Maeer in leaves while she was doing a leaf angel!

We realised there was not a lot of colour from flowers in the gardens during the Autumn months so we busily planted daffodil bulbs.  We will look forward to them appearing in the Spring!

After an afternoon’s hard work, the green flag was finally sailing!  We hope the other children have lots of fun in the woods!  Go Team ARP!

ARP Busy bees!

What a busy week we have had!

Image result for bee icon emoji

The Phonic Fairy has left us some treats this week! We’ve learnt about the sounds h, b, l, f and ff.  We have been on a hunt to find Bear’s lost hat, met Baby Brains who has taught us that reading makes you “Brainy, brainy, brainy!”, visited the foggy, foggy forest and met the lazy ladybird who helped us to fly around the playground to find our words.

We’re getting so good at remembering our Fairy words that we think Tricky may just leave us some new ones to try and trick us!….and we all know that won’t work because we are so good at phonics!

This week in Maths we have been investigating ten frames. We have been learning how to represent numbers in the ten frame with counters. We have been counting on from 5 because we know that the top row holds 5 counters!

We just love being outside in the autumnal sun. It’s been fun playing on the bikes, making sure we turn take so that our friends have a turn too.  We’ve been leaf printing, using paint in the colours we have noticed during our observations of the area. During continuous provision, Lego, duplo, stickle bricks and wooden blocks has been our favourite resource this week; we have made some wonderful structures.

ARP 2 have been learning about different Autumnal Festivals such as Halloween and Harvest.  We looked at some different spells and potions to turn our teachers into worms and make people giggle.   We thought about some ideas of our own which we will write up next week while using the structure, features and language of instructions. 

We all enjoyed some time together to complete some Harvest art.  We painted fluffy cauliflowers, green cabbages and sweet strawberries!

We had a fun PE session where we took part in different activities such as balancing, throwing and catching, playing tennis and skipping.  Can you see us balancing on the narrow beam now? Some of us learned how to travel sideways and backwards!

We had a game of basketball at the end.  Mr Owen played too!

Glorious Gardening

This afternoon, we were very busy in the woods doing lots of jobs to get the garden ready for Spring.   We had lots of tidying up to do before we can plant our new bulbs and trees.

First, we dug the weeds out of the tyres and turned the soil over.

We placed new tyres in the woods area.  We filled them with soil and jumped on the soil to flatten it down.

We made sure we used all the tools safely.

There were lots of other jobs to do to make sure the area was tidy and safe. We worked as a team to rake leaves, riddle stones and tidy the logs up.

Next week, we will be planting flower bulbs – come back to check our progress!

Exploring the Rushall Retreat

This afternoon, we spent some time in the woods on the playground and explored the new Rushall Retreat and adventure park.

We played on the hill, climbed through the tunnel,  jumped over the logs and tyres and rolled down the grassy bank.

We spent some time being creative with some flowers.  We used the petals and stems to make pictures.

Harvest Festival

Here are some of the songs we are singing for Harvest Festival.

Harvest Samba

Cabbages and greens,

Broccoli and beans,

Cauliflower and roasted potatoes,

Taste so good to me!


Apricots and plums,

Ripened in the sun,

Oranges and yellow bananas,

Good for everyone!



It’s another Harvest Festival

When we bring our fruit and vegetables,

Cause we want to share the best of all

The good things that we’ve been given.


Golden corn and wheat,

Oats and sugar beet,

Fluffy rice and tasty spaghetti,

Wonderful to eat!



Coffee, cocoa, tea,

Growing naturally,

Herbal plants and all kinds of spices

Very nice indeed!


Harvest Samba 

Cauliflowers Fluffy

Cauliflowers Fluffy and cabbages green

Strawberries sweeter than any I’ve seen

Beetroots purple and onions white

All grow steadily day and night

The apples are ripe and the plums are red

The broad beans are sleeping in their blankety bed

Blackberries juicy and rhubarb sour

Marrows fattening hour by hour

Gooseberries hairy and lettuces fat

Radishes round and runner beans flat

The apples are ripe and the plums are red

The broad beans are sleeping in their blankety bed

Orangey carrots and turnips cream

Reddening tomatoes that used to be green

Brown potatoes in little heaps

Down in the darkness where the celery sleeps

The apples are ripe and the plums are red

The broad beans are sleeping in their blankety bed, YEAH!

Cauliflowers Fluffy

Digging with Dogger


ARP 1 have been very busy so far this week in English, learning sounds n, m, d, and g. We’ve been digging up bones (with our spellings on) in the garden like Sam and Dave, rainbow writing ‘n’ in shaving foam, writing ‘m’ in marmalade on toast and followed a trail of leaves to rescue the bunnies and bears from Gruff the Grump! Phew! We have had fun!


In Maths, we have been learning all about 2d shapes. We have learnt their names, practised drawing them, sorted them, grouped them and matched them. We investigated their properties and found out some facts such as: a circle has 1 curved side with no corners, but a triangle has 3 sides and 3 corners (and that corners are actually called vertices!). 

During our afternoons, we have had fun painting pictures of the characters in our book Dogger, singing in the stage area, building some wonderful structures and describing them, sharing our toys with our friends, writing in the mark marking area as well as making clay hedgehogs, cooking and visiting the woods!

Cooking and Art afternoon

ARP had a busy afternoon using their creativity while baking and making! 

First, we warmed the clay up to make it easier to mould into the shape of a hedgehog.   We used different clay tools such as rolling pins, cutters and shapers to make marks to add detail to our hedgehog.

As part of our work on seasons, we decided to make Autumn leaf biscuits.  We had seen so many different coloured leaves in the woods, we wanted to ice our biscuits with different shades of green, red, orange and yellow.

Once we had weighed and measured our ingredients, we mixed the dough ready to roll out the biscuits.  

After 12 minutes in the oven, we cooled our biscuits and got ready to ice them with our shades of Autumn colours.

We had made enough biscuits to try one each and take some home for our families to try.  We are hoping to make our own biscuits at home with our parents. 

Chef of the week Jayvon taught the other children how to bake a toffee cake.  He brought in his own recipe, prepared the ingredients and showed us all the steps.  We learned how to sieve the flour, rub the butter into flour and beat an egg. 

Jayvon cut the cake into slices and shared it with his friends. They thought it was delicious!

Mikhail – I liked eating the icing off the spoon it was super scrumdiddlryumptious!

Alfie A – I enjoyed eating the toffee cake and toffee!

William- I enjoyed eating the chocolate.

Wonderful Woods!

We had a fun afternoon in the woods today playing.   First we played a new game of Hide and Seek where there were lots of seekers!

Next, we worked in teams to build a house for our new class pets!  The older children led the younger children to help them collect sticks, logs, leaves, moss and stones to make their design that they planned in the morning. 

Have a look at some of our creative designs.  We had lots of different features to include.


The children made some excellent houses to keep our hedgehogs warm, dry and safe from predators.   Alfie said the house must be camouflaged to keep them extra safe.  Tayo even included some berries in his house to feed the hedgehog!

Look at the finished houses!

To finish the afternoon, we had some time to explore the woods. We climbed, enjoyed the ropes, and searched for minibeasts.

Hedgehogs, Hodgehegs and more…

Blog written by Jayvon, Mikhail and Tayo. 

We have had a fantastic week in ARP doing lots of fun activities.

We have enjoyed a sporting challenge in PE trying to get the best score for doing a long jump, standing one legged for the Stork challenge and catching a ball as many times as we could in a minute.

Hedgehog research and cooking

In English, we learned about non-chronological reports and did some fact finding on a hedgehog’s diet, habitat and appearance.   We looked at some non-fiction books and did some internet research.  Next, we will be planning and writing our own fact file.

In maths, we looked at a recipe to make hedgehog bread and weighed and measured all the ingredients. 

We mixed the ingredients together to make the dough which we covered and left in a warm place. 

Later on, we were ready to knead and shape the dough but we noticed that something had happened… the dough had got bigger!  

‘It’s got bigger!’ Alfie B        ‘It feels like a beanbag’. Mikhail   

‘It feels like an air balloon’.  Damon 

In the afternoon, we started to make the small rolls and loaf.  We had to knead the dough and roll it into a ball.  To make the spines, we used scissors to snip the spikes.  We added raisins and pumpkin seeds to make the eyes, nose and spikes.  

Our finished masterpieces!

We shared the bread with our friends and enjoyed eating it with butter and jam.

Mikhail – ‘I feel like I’m on Masterchef!’    

In Maths, ARP 1 have been practising touch counting objects, ordering numbers, solving addition problems using manipulatives, number lines and 100 squares. We’ve also been learning about 1 more with numbers to 10.

During Busytime we’ve created some interesting pieces using the large blocks and poles, shared the whiteboard with our friends and created a beautiful butterfly. This week, the writing table was extremely popular with card writing on offer!