Star of the Week

28th September 2018

We are really proud of Viraj this week and he was awarded Star of the Week!  Viraj has settled into school really well, he always works hard and tries his best and is a fantastic friend!  Well done Viraj!

14th September 2018

George has wowed us this week with his amazing work and super talking! Well done George!

5th October 

Mikhail earned this week’s certificate for his excellent Maths and English work!

12th October 

Aiman has made us so very proud with her progress in reading!  She brought happy tears to our eyes!

Watch the video of Aiman reading by clicking the link.

16th November

Well done to William, our Star of the Week! We have been impressed by his confidence and growing independence. Keep it up William!

Bhangra Lions, Pudsey Bears and Sleepy Heads!

We have had another fun week in ARP, working hard in our usual lessons and enjoying some special events. 

We had a visit from The Lions of Bhangra who taught us a traditional Punjab dance called Bhangra.   Find out more about them here:

We were excited by a surprise visit from Mrs Smith and her new baby!

Our main focus this week has been learning about Children in Need.   We talked about the different things we have; loving families, a nice home and lots of toys.  Sadly, we found out that some children are not as lucky as us.  The different activities that we took part in on Friday, helped us to raise lots of money to help less fortunate children.   Miss Maeer gave us the special job of being in charge organising and leading the activities. 

We got creative and designed posters and signs for the different activities and made Pudsey headbands and rosettes to sell for Children in Need.

We had fun in the woods making a huge Pudsey out of leaves!  After we had finished all of our jobs, we had a ride in the wheelbarrow!

We ended the week by celebrating Children in Need and led and took part in lots of different activities to raise money for the charity.   Our first job was to setup the sweet treats stall where we sold cakes, biscuits and sweets.  We felt very grown up and responsible doing this – Tayo said it was like being a shopkeeper!

Next, all the classed placed pennies on Pudsey. By the end of the morning, we had nearly filled it!

The highlight of our day was throwing a wet sponge at our teachers!  What great fun we had… we’re not so sure the teachers felt the same!

ARP enjoyed decorating cakes with spots! They tasted delicious!

We finished off the day of fun with a penalty shoot out and football marathon.  We had a great time with all our friends.

I Remember…

We have had an exciting and very busy first week back, preparing for our Marvellous Middle of our topic I Remember. 

We have been learning lots of facts about World War 1 such as when it started, which countries were involved, how it affected families and how food was rationed during the war. 

We have been creative in art by making poppies using lots of different media.  We learned that the purple poppy is to help us remember the service animals that died during the war.

In PE, we took part army drills and exercises that the soldiers in the army might have experienced as part of their training.  We enjoyed circuit training by running around the gym, using our upper body strength to help us climb up and swing on the high ropes, pulling ourselves under the cargo net and jumping over hurdles.

ARP 1 have enjoyed learning a song and even made up a dance to go with it!

Mr Owen taught us the traditional game of conkers and we enjoyed a game of it in the retreat. 

Our cooking activity this week was to use our new knowledge of food rationing to bake cakes for Rushall’s Great British Bake Off. 

We were really proud of our finished goodies!  We presented them in the gym ready for the judges to taste!

We enjoyed a special Remembrance assembly where we sang some songs, danced and remembered the people who had fought for our country.  After, we enjoyed a traditional tea dance!

Halloween Disco

We all had an amazing time at the school disco.  We enjoyed having our tea together before a quick play with the Lego.

We enjoyed dancing with our friends and having some sweet treats.  Alfie A even won the best costume award!


Another busy week in ARP 1!   We have been learning about the different seasons and how the weather changes.  We thought about the different clothes we would need to wear in each of the seasons.  Can you see us in our wooly hats?!

We learned the months of the year by watching these videos. 

We’ve been learning how to keep safe on Bonfire Night with the help from Fireman Sam!   You can watch the video here:

We’ve discussed how to keep ourselves safe and created a poster with some facts such as:

* keep pets indoors
* stay well back from the bonfire
* always stay with your adult 
* when using a sparkler, always wear gloves
* put used sparklers in a bucket of cold water 
* stay well back from fireworks 
* only adults can light fireworks

We also had fun creating some arts and crafts around bonfire night, which enabled us to do lots of talking about what we could see, hear, smell and touch.

Have a happy and safe Bonfire Night!

We decorated witch’s hat biscuits, but they didn’t last long enough to take to the party -they looked so yummy, we ate them quicker than you can say “hocus, pocus!”

The Halloween party was so much fun! We danced the afternoon away to spooky tunes with our friends, dressed in our Halloween outfits.

We’ve really enjoyed learning the value of numbers this week. We began with the ‘one-ness of one” and are currently on the “six-ness of six”. Understanding the value of each number, seeing how many different ways we can represent it and how many different ways it is seen in the environment is a very important step in becoming brilliant mathematicians!

The story of each number has been a highlight of each Maths lesson, and many of us carry the books around afterwards, reading, counting and ordering after Maths has finished!

Pumpkin fun!

We have been learning how to carve a pumpkin into some spooky designs.  We watched some videos of expert carvers and began to design our own. 

Together with Mr Owen, we learned the sequence of how to carve a design into the pumpkin using the tools safely. 

Cole busily counted the tools and prepared our equipment ready for our afternoon. 

We enjoyed a fun afternoon in the woods using the tools safely and working as a team to carve our designs into our pumpkins. 

We were so pleased with our finished pumpkins!

After all our hard work, we enjoyed watching a fire and toasting marshmallows!  Mr Owen told us a really funny story!

It’s another Harvest Festival…

During our Harvest week, we have learned all about bread.  We watched a video of how bread starts as a seed, grows into wheat which is then turned into flour.  We found out how big factories make lots of bread which we buy in the shops.  

Bread video 

Next, we learned that people in different countries eat different bread.  We tried Greek flatbreads, French broiche, Scottish cheese scones, Dutch tiger bread, Mexican tortilla and Polish bagels.   We talked about how the bread smelled, felt and tasted.

During the afternoon, we looked at a map of the world to find where lots of different breads come from. Tayo worked very hard to use his geography knowledge to find the different countries.

We enjoyed a cooking session making lots of different breads such as:  cottage loaves, plaited bread, cheesy baps, gluten free bread, seeded cobs and wholemeal bread.

We were really proud of the bread that we made!

We celebrated at the Harvest Festival by singing our Harvest songs and by praying to give thank for the food we eat.  There was lots of food donated by the generous parents which will be given to people less fortunate than ourselves. 

A prickly visitor!

Today, we had some very exciting visitors in ARP!  Marilyn from Snuffles Hedgehog Rescue Centre came into school to tell us all about how they look after hedgehogs that are sick or injured and care for them until they are well enough to return to the wild.  Excitingly, she brought along a hedgehog called Sonic for us to look at! 

Cole and ARP 1 were the first to meet Sonic.  Marilyn taught the children what food hedgehogs eat in the wild and how we can look after them by picking up litter and making our gardens hedgehog friendly.   The children sat beautifully quiet while listening so they didn’t frighten the hedgehog.  They even got to see some hedgehog poo!

The children impressed us with their knowledge; Viraj remembered that hedgehogs hibernated during the winter and the other children described Sonic as ‘spiky’ and touched the bristles of a brush that felt the same as its prickles. 

ARP 2 were next to see Sonic.  The children learned about the Rescue Centre and how they care for the animals.  William and Alfie A told Marilyn that hedgehogs are nocturnal and that they have lots of predators.  We enjoyed a very close look at the hedgehog!

We all had a fabulous afternoon and we were extremely grateful that Marilyn was able to come and visit us!  We gave her a box full of cat food that the generous parents of our friends at school had donated – Marilyn said that the food would last them a very long time.

A box FULL of cat food!

We gave Marilyn a thank you card for making time to see us and she awarded us with a certificate – we were very proud!

We are hoping to keep in touch with Marilyn to find out when she has some more hoglets in the Rescue Centre. 

Find out more about Snuffles here.

ARP’s fun filled week!

What another busy week we have had!

In Maths, we have had lots of fun comparing big and small, long and short, and measuring items in centimetres and metres this week! The new Super Movers Length & Height song has quickly become one of our favourites and helps us to keep active whilst we learn.

If you would like to try it out, follow this link:


Uh oh!  After leaving us some new Fairy words to learn this week, Tricky also thinks we are getting far too good at the words that he leaves for us, so he’s going to give us some new tricky words next week too! He can’t trick us though – we’re just too clever for that! We’ve learnt about sounds u, ss, j, w, v in lots of fun ways from ‘vrooooooming’ around the playground racetrack like Rabbit to read ‘v’ words and helping the king to catch the kisses that missed with a net to writing ‘j’ words in jelly! 

Colourful Semantics 

We’ve been looking for clues about the setting of Dogger this week in colourful semantics and looking at where the characters are in each of the illustrations and text. We really enjoyed painting a backdrop of a school fair for our classroom role play area, which we are very proud of!

Healthy Eating

We have been learning about how we can keep ourselves healthy by learning about the different nutrients in food.   We learned that there are 5 different food groups: fruit and vegetables, carbohydrates, protein, dairy and foods containing sugar and fat.

Each of the food groups helps our bodies in different ways by giving us energy, helping our muscles get stronger, keeping our bones strong and giving us vitamins.  We talked about which foods we should eat the most and least.

We showed our new knowledge by sorting our ingredients for pizza into the different food groups.   Then we discussed how we could make our pizza healthy by choosing good choices for our toppings.

After measuring the bread ingredients (we are mastering making bread now!), we mixed the dough and left it to proove (rise).  Some of remembered that this happens because of the yeast and sugar creating a chemical reaction.

While the dough was resting, we prepared our toppings by carefully slicing, grating and chopping mushrooms, ham, meat and chocolate.  

William remembered why we should be careful when preparing food; when asked what cross contamination meant, he said ‘germs’. We were amazed!

After we rolled out the dough, we chose our toppings.   Some of us used our communication books to ask for what we wanted.  We learned about which foods are good for us and which foods we need to eat less of. 

Look at our finished pizzas!

We all took a pizza home to show our families and we shared a large healthy savoury and a sweet treat pizza with our healthy milkshakes during golden time. Delicious! We even had a surprise visit from Miss Smith!  The perfect afternoon.