ARP Busy Bee Day!

Over the last half term, ARP 2 have been learning about bees after developing a love for honey and wanting to know how it was made.  We researched the different species of bees and were shocked to learn that they are endangered!   We found out how we can make changes to help look after bees so they don’t become extinct.  

Tayo had a fabulous idea of planning a whole school fundraising event to raise some money to send to the Bumblebee Conservation Trust.  We spent the next few weeks busily making items to sell and displaying our work to teach other children what we had learned.

To start our busy day, we had a visit from Stephen and Chris who were bee experts from South Staffordshire Bee Keepers Association.  They were amazed at what we already knew and showed us beeswax which they use to make candles and furniture polish.

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They taught us how they use different equipment to look after the bees in their hive so that they can make honey.

The smoker is used to move the bees out of their hive. We were interested to know that they think the smoke is a fire in their hive so they eat 4 day’s worth of nectar. Once they are full, they can’t sting properly. The bees can move out of the hive safely so the bee keepers can get to their frames.

The 4 frames filled with honey in the cells (honeycomb) are then placed inside the extractor and spun so that the honey drips down the sides of the machine. The bee keeper then opens the tap and the honey pours out.

We spent the rest of the day getting all of our equipment ready to put on the Bee Day stalls.

After lunch, ARP 2 and Year 5 children helped to run a stall either selling items or teaching children about bees. The playground was a hive of activity – it was lovely to see the children enjoying themselves, eating ice-cream, playing with the Beebots, buying Tayo’s maps, learning facts about bees and how they pollinate flowers.

Have a look at the children buying, learning and taking part in the activities. Most children made a beeline for the ice cream!

We were interested to read the feedback other children had left us. We found out what children had learned, what they had enjoyed and what they would like to see next time.

ARP would like to say a huge THANK YOU to all children, staff and parents who bought items from the Bee Day and made generous donations.

We raised over £500 – what an amazing achievement! Some of this money will be donated to the Bumblebee Conservation Trust to help them do further work to save the bees.

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