Over the past few weeks, we have been learning about the different layers of the rainforest. 

We know that the layers are:  emergent layer, canopy, understory and forest floor. 

On Wednesday 22nd May, we visited the woods to investigate our forest and how it is similar to the rainforest.  We could see and identify the different layers.

In small groups, we use natural materials to recreate a rainforest, showing the different layers.  We labelled our 3D pictures and discussed each layer – what it looks like, the animals that live within and how much sunlight it would get – in front of our peers.   We used the technical vocabulary that we have been learning to explain our pictures.

Next, we worked in pairs to create a 3D diorama of a layer of the rainforest. We used art materials and even collected natural materials from the woods.

Smile Paralympics Day

ARP spent the day with lots of other school at Wolverhampton University to take part in lots of different Olympic style sporting activities. Miss Maeer had set us the challenge to show the following qualities: happiness, being a good friend, teamwork, and praising and encouraging others.

ARP 1 enjoyed skills stations which included Stability, Object, Locomotion and Co-operation where they played games to develop their running, balancing, catching, listening, crawling, hopping, jumping, waiting and teamwork skills further.

ARP 2 went outside to learn how to play cricket. They found out that some people on the team were batters, some were bowlers and some were fielders. The aim of the game was to hit the ball and run around the wickets as many times as possible.

In tag rugby, the children had to chase their opponents to grab their tails off them. The children learned that they had to be quick, but also to use kind hands.

At the end of the day, the children got together to celebrate their success with a dance performance from one of the other schools. The adults were very impressed with the childrens’ behaviour and effort. What an amazing day!

Blog written by Miss Maeer and Jayvon.