Hot potato, hot potato!

The Snack Shack team have been developing their enterprise by thinking about other ideas for feeding the hungry staff. After sending out a questionnaire to gain some ideas, the chefs decided that they would offer delicious filled jacket potatoes for a Friday treat.

The children costed up a variety of fillings to see which ones would be the most profitable. Tayo busily wrote the shopping list and the hard work began on Friday morning. The first job was to prepare the fillings and potatoes.

After an hour baking in the oven, the potatoes were ready to fill and box up ready to serve. They used the skills they had learned about the importance of safety and good hygiene by handling the hot pans carefully, washing their hands frequently and making sure they cleaned as they worked!

After the most successful lunchtime so far, the boys calculated their profit, setting aside some money to buy the next lot of stock. They are busily discussing how they will spend their earnings… ideas so far:

  • Investing in a toastie maker
  • A class toy for ARP 1 and 2
  • A class trip

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  1. We have been working very hard to run this business and I hope whoever came to us to our Snack Shack really enjoyed it and the food from there.

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