KS2 Sports Day

ARP 2 have spent an enjoyable morning in the sun showing off their athletic talents. The children took part in lots of different races which included running, jumping and skipping using the skills, they had learned during their practices. They were extremely competitive! It was lovely to see so many parents watching the children’s achievements!

Year 3 and 4

Year 5 and 6

Sports Morning

On Tuesday the sun shone brightly as ARP1 took part in KS1’s annual sports morning.

The children ran as fast as they could in the 50m race. George said “I liked the running race! I ran really fast”. Aiman also liked the running race and said “Aiman running”.

They also enjoyed showing off their jumping skills in the sack race.

Viraj said “I liked jumping in the sack race! I could jump quickly!”

Carlo also enjoyed the sack race he said “jumping was good!”

The children demonstrated their balancing skills by taking part in the egg and spoon race and the bean bag race.

Logan said “I liked the egg and spoon race, it was good!”

For the final race, some of the children partnered up with a friend to take part in the tricky 3-legged race. They had to concentrate really hard and use their communication skills to make sure they didn’t fall over!

To add to the excitement, there was an egg and spoon race for the Mums and a running race for the Dads. We cheered our loudest whilst some of our wonderful parents took part.

Hot potato, hot potato!

The Snack Shack team have been developing their enterprise by thinking about other ideas for feeding the hungry staff. After sending out a questionnaire to gain some ideas, the chefs decided that they would offer delicious filled jacket potatoes for a Friday treat.

The children costed up a variety of fillings to see which ones would be the most profitable. Tayo busily wrote the shopping list and the hard work began on Friday morning. The first job was to prepare the fillings and potatoes.

After an hour baking in the oven, the potatoes were ready to fill and box up ready to serve. They used the skills they had learned about the importance of safety and good hygiene by handling the hot pans carefully, washing their hands frequently and making sure they cleaned as they worked!

After the most successful lunchtime so far, the boys calculated their profit, setting aside some money to buy the next lot of stock. They are busily discussing how they will spend their earnings… ideas so far:

  • Investing in a toastie maker
  • A class toy for ARP 1 and 2
  • A class trip