Over the last few weeks, the Y5 and Y6 boys have been learning how to be entrepreneurs by planning and leading a shop called Snack Shack (owned by PcDolans).

They came up with a ingenious idea of making and selling sandwiches to the hungry staff in school on a Friday – the children knew their fridges would be empty and their energy to make themselves a lunch would be low! Ch-ching!

The boys sent out a customer questionnaire whereby staff were asked about their preferences.

Based on their likes and ideal sandwiches, the boys decided on a number of different sandwich fillings and meal deal choices.

The order forms were sent out with the staff orders returned… this is when the real hard work began!

After Miss Maeer had brought the first load of shopping back, the children began to work as a team to prepare the fillings, butter bread and box up the sandwiches.

After a quick clean down, the boys organised their shop and eagerly waited for their customers! Tayo was in charge of taking the money and making sure he was giving the correct change; the other boys helped their customers to their orders. Such professionals!

Following their busy day, the boys will count the money, work out the profit, design a customer feedback form and think about the next steps for their business!!

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  1. I have absolutely loved the arrival of Snack Shack at Rushall! I look forward to putting my order in every week. Last weeks offer of Jacket Potatoes, in response to the customer feedback that you asked for, went down a treat with the staff. The staffroom was full of people enjoying their jacket spuds!

  2. I am loving the Snack Shack, you are all working so hard!!
    My sandwiches and jacket potato have been amazing!
    You’ve got yourself a regular customer!! 🙂

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