Red Nose Day Fun!

The children have had a fabulous time today raising money for Comic Relief. With Tayo leading, the children have been busily planning and preparing lots of fun activities.

In our maths lessons, the children have learned how to make amounts of money using different combinations of coins. This has helped them to run a shop, taking money and finding change. Next week, they will help to count the money and find the total amount we have raised.

The children enjoyed preparing their shop ready for lots of excited children!

Lots of fun activities were on offer including face painting, a penalty shoot out, crazy golf, pin the nose on the emoji and throwing wet sponges at the teachers!

ARP had a super time decorating red nose biscuits during Golden Time.

World Book Day

The children enjoyed celebrating World Book day by dressing up in their favourite book characters, sharing books with their friends and listening to an author talk about the book she had written.

Shrove Tuesday

The children have been learning about Shrove Tuesday and why we have the tradition of making pancakes.

We looked at the recipe for making pancakes and discussed what equipment we would need to make them. We weighed and measured the ingredients before following the method to make the batter. The children had fun carefully using the crêpe maker to cook a stack of pancakes! We filled our pancake with lots of delicious toppings.