Winter Wonderland!

We have had a fabulous start to 2019!  There have been lots of changes in school and our classrooms have been transformed into Winter Wonderlands!

ARP 1 were surprised to see their classroom uptipped by a secret visitor!  They were left with some clues to find out who it was…

The children used the clues to predict who had left them a very special book.   They worked out it was a pesky penguin!

They will be reading a book called Lost and Found by Oliver Jeffers.  You can listen to the book here:

The children wrote a news report to tell people about the mess in their classroom left by the penguin and began learning about penguins.

Cole has had wonderful time exploring the different areas around school. He became an Arctic explorer, putting up a tent and enjoying some time in the woods. The other children loved spending time in the tent!

This week in Lego Club, the children  levelled up and used Lego We Do to follow instructions to build a programmable Lego creation!  Working in pairs, the children had to follow each step, get the correct pieces and build the motorised creation. When the children had finished building, they plugged the alligator and bird into the computer and used code to program the movement and sound.