Welcome back!

The children have enjoyed an exciting return to school exploring their new classroom, getting to know their new friends and becoming familiar with their new routines.

In Maths, we have been learning about the value of 2 digit numbers and counting in steps of 1s forwards and backwards. Viraj worked hard to put together his own 100 square while looking at the tens and ones, thinking about what number number comes next and before.

Other children have been developing their understanding of number by counting in multiples of 2. They learned that they are all even numbers ending in a zero, 2, 4, 6 or 8. They learned songs to help them quickly recall their 2s times table.

In PE, the children have developed their gross motor skills by learning about control, direction and balance. They had fun showing different ways they can travel on their tummies, bottoms and knees.

After discussing the rules they must follow to keep them safe, the children enjoyed a session in the woods, showing how they can follow the rules.

ARP Busy Bee Day!

Over the last half term, ARP 2 have been learning about bees after developing a love for honey and wanting to know how it was made.  We researched the different species of bees and were shocked to learn that they are endangered!   We found out how we can make changes to help look after bees so they don’t become extinct.  

Tayo had a fabulous idea of planning a whole school fundraising event to raise some money to send to the Bumblebee Conservation Trust.  We spent the next few weeks busily making items to sell and displaying our work to teach other children what we had learned.

To start our busy day, we had a visit from Stephen and Chris who were bee experts from South Staffordshire Bee Keepers Association.  They were amazed at what we already knew and showed us beeswax which they use to make candles and furniture polish.

Find out more here http://southstaffsbeekeepers.co.uk/

They taught us how they use different equipment to look after the bees in their hive so that they can make honey.

The smoker is used to move the bees out of their hive. We were interested to know that they think the smoke is a fire in their hive so they eat 4 day’s worth of nectar. Once they are full, they can’t sting properly. The bees can move out of the hive safely so the bee keepers can get to their frames.

The 4 frames filled with honey in the cells (honeycomb) are then placed inside the extractor and spun so that the honey drips down the sides of the machine. The bee keeper then opens the tap and the honey pours out.

We spent the rest of the day getting all of our equipment ready to put on the Bee Day stalls.

After lunch, ARP 2 and Year 5 children helped to run a stall either selling items or teaching children about bees. The playground was a hive of activity – it was lovely to see the children enjoying themselves, eating ice-cream, playing with the Beebots, buying Tayo’s maps, learning facts about bees and how they pollinate flowers.

Have a look at the children buying, learning and taking part in the activities. Most children made a beeline for the ice cream!

We were interested to read the feedback other children had left us. We found out what children had learned, what they had enjoyed and what they would like to see next time.

ARP would like to say a huge THANK YOU to all children, staff and parents who bought items from the Bee Day and made generous donations.

We raised over £500 – what an amazing achievement! Some of this money will be donated to the Bumblebee Conservation Trust to help them do further work to save the bees.

The Life Cycle of a Butterfly

During the year, the children in ARP1 have been observing change over time in science. They began by noticing changes by season in Woodlanders, then observing the bean cycle in gardening time and most excitedly this term, the butterfly life cycle.

The children were thrilled when a cup of tiny caterpillars arrived in the classroom. They counted them and found there were five inside.

Everyday as the children arrived, their first port of call in the classroom would be to check on the caterpillars!

“Look! They’re getting bigger and bigger. When we had them first, they were tiny and now they’ve eaten their food, they have got soooooo big!” said Viraj.

After they had eaten a lot of food, they crawled to the top of the pot. “They stick themselves to the top of the pot with their silk. It’s a bit like glue!” said George.

After a couple of days hanging at the top of the pot, the caterpillars used their silk to spin it around themselves and create a chrysalis. They also shed their skin as they no longer need it. We had four caterpillars that successfully created their chrysalis.

Logan signed “caterpillar in chrysalis”, “wait” and “4”.

Elliot said “Caterpillars made a chrysalis”.

The transformation from caterpillar to butterfly takes around 7-10 days. We waited patiently checking on them daily. The children noticed that over time, the chrysalis got darker and darker.

“Chrysalis black” signed Carlo.

After waiting so patiently, the children were ecstatic when the first butterflies emerged. The wings were small and curled up. We watched as the butterflies rested whilst they pumped liquid into them to make them bigger and stronger.

Viraj said “they pump fluid into their wings to make them bigger and stronger and ready to fly!”

The children fed them with fruit and flowers and made up some nectar using sugar and warm water. This allowed them to observe them for a few more days before releasing them.

Alfie A enjoyed the process so much, he did some research at home. He proudly told the class “female butterflies have larger wings and male butterflies have spots on the bottom of their wings to tell us that they are males!”

We have really enjoyed watching our caterpillars change into butterflies and watching them fly away to start the process all over again!


Over the past few weeks, we have been learning about the different layers of the rainforest. 

We know that the layers are:  emergent layer, canopy, understory and forest floor. 

On Wednesday 22nd May, we visited the woods to investigate our forest and how it is similar to the rainforest.  We could see and identify the different layers.

In small groups, we use natural materials to recreate a rainforest, showing the different layers.  We labelled our 3D pictures and discussed each layer – what it looks like, the animals that live within and how much sunlight it would get – in front of our peers.   We used the technical vocabulary that we have been learning to explain our pictures.

Next, we worked in pairs to create a 3D diorama of a layer of the rainforest. We used art materials and even collected natural materials from the woods.

Smile Paralympics Day

ARP spent the day with lots of other school at Wolverhampton University to take part in lots of different Olympic style sporting activities. Miss Maeer had set us the challenge to show the following qualities: happiness, being a good friend, teamwork, and praising and encouraging others.

ARP 1 enjoyed skills stations which included Stability, Object, Locomotion and Co-operation where they played games to develop their running, balancing, catching, listening, crawling, hopping, jumping, waiting and teamwork skills further.

ARP 2 went outside to learn how to play cricket. They found out that some people on the team were batters, some were bowlers and some were fielders. The aim of the game was to hit the ball and run around the wickets as many times as possible.

In tag rugby, the children had to chase their opponents to grab their tails off them. The children learned that they had to be quick, but also to use kind hands.

At the end of the day, the children got together to celebrate their success with a dance performance from one of the other schools. The adults were very impressed with the childrens’ behaviour and effort. What an amazing day!

Blog written by Miss Maeer and Jayvon.

KS2 Sports Day

ARP 2 have spent an enjoyable morning in the sun showing off their athletic talents. The children took part in lots of different races which included running, jumping and skipping using the skills, they had learned during their practices. They were extremely competitive! It was lovely to see so many parents watching the children’s achievements!

Year 3 and 4

Year 5 and 6

Sports Morning

On Tuesday the sun shone brightly as ARP1 took part in KS1’s annual sports morning.

The children ran as fast as they could in the 50m race. George said “I liked the running race! I ran really fast”. Aiman also liked the running race and said “Aiman running”.

They also enjoyed showing off their jumping skills in the sack race.

Viraj said “I liked jumping in the sack race! I could jump quickly!”

Carlo also enjoyed the sack race he said “jumping was good!”

The children demonstrated their balancing skills by taking part in the egg and spoon race and the bean bag race.

Logan said “I liked the egg and spoon race, it was good!”

For the final race, some of the children partnered up with a friend to take part in the tricky 3-legged race. They had to concentrate really hard and use their communication skills to make sure they didn’t fall over!

To add to the excitement, there was an egg and spoon race for the Mums and a running race for the Dads. We cheered our loudest whilst some of our wonderful parents took part.

Hot potato, hot potato!

The Snack Shack team have been developing their enterprise by thinking about other ideas for feeding the hungry staff. After sending out a questionnaire to gain some ideas, the chefs decided that they would offer delicious filled jacket potatoes for a Friday treat.

The children costed up a variety of fillings to see which ones would be the most profitable. Tayo busily wrote the shopping list and the hard work began on Friday morning. The first job was to prepare the fillings and potatoes.

After an hour baking in the oven, the potatoes were ready to fill and box up ready to serve. They used the skills they had learned about the importance of safety and good hygiene by handling the hot pans carefully, washing their hands frequently and making sure they cleaned as they worked!

After the most successful lunchtime so far, the boys calculated their profit, setting aside some money to buy the next lot of stock. They are busily discussing how they will spend their earnings… ideas so far:

  • Investing in a toastie maker
  • A class toy for ARP 1 and 2
  • A class trip


Over the last few weeks, the Y5 and Y6 boys have been learning how to be entrepreneurs by planning and leading a shop called Snack Shack (owned by PcDolans).

They came up with a ingenious idea of making and selling sandwiches to the hungry staff in school on a Friday – the children knew their fridges would be empty and their energy to make themselves a lunch would be low! Ch-ching!

The boys sent out a customer questionnaire whereby staff were asked about their preferences.

Based on their likes and ideal sandwiches, the boys decided on a number of different sandwich fillings and meal deal choices.

The order forms were sent out with the staff orders returned… this is when the real hard work began!

After Miss Maeer had brought the first load of shopping back, the children began to work as a team to prepare the fillings, butter bread and box up the sandwiches.

After a quick clean down, the boys organised their shop and eagerly waited for their customers! Tayo was in charge of taking the money and making sure he was giving the correct change; the other boys helped their customers to their orders. Such professionals!

Following their busy day, the boys will count the money, work out the profit, design a customer feedback form and think about the next steps for their business!!

Afternoon Tea

Over the last few weeks, the children have been busily planning and organising an Afternoon Tea for their parents to say thank you to them and show them how much they appreciate them.

Children enjoyed writing an invitation to their parents to which they received the reply in the post!

Next, the children though about making a gift for their Mums for Mother’s Day. They decided to use their excellent hammering skills to produce some nail art.

The morning before the afternoon tea was very busy; the children used their cooking skills they have been learning over the last 2 terms to weigh and measure the ingredients to bake a sponge and chocolate cake.

Next came the sandwiches. The children learned the best methods for preparing cheese, ham and jam sandwiches and made over 200 tiny triangle sandwiches!

Finally, it was time to decorate the dining room ready for our parents’ arrival. The children helped to make beautiful flowers and bunting, filling the cake stands with the food and putting the final touches on the room.

Parents enjoyed a special performance of Spring Chicken and took part in some Makaton training! They learned lots of signs they can use at home to help communicate with their children.

The children had a lovely time and their parents said such kind things about the event!

Anita S It was a fantastic tea party – well done everyone! X 

Hayley P It was lovely to spend time with William. The team, as usual went to a lot of effort.

Lynsey M it was a lovely afternoon I am glad to have been part of it it was lovely to spend time with Maisie and to see all the parents come together the cakes were amazing well done to all the kids think they need to come to my house and bake me some thank you all xx

Emily R we had a lovely time. Thank you and a big well done to all the arp children and teachers. it was a yummy treat x