Afternoon Tea

Over the last few weeks, the children have been busily planning and organising an Afternoon Tea for their parents to say thank you to them and show them how much they appreciate them.

Children enjoyed writing an invitation to their parents to which they recieved the reply in the post!

Next, the children though about making a gift for their Mums for Mother’s Day. They decided to use their excellent hammering skills to produce some nail art.

The morning before the afternoon tea was very busy; the children used their cooking skills they have been learning over the last 2 terms to weigh and measure the ingredients to bake a sponge and chocolate cake.

Next came the sandwiches. The children learned the best methods for preparing cheese, ham and jam sandwiches and made over 200 tiny triangle sandwiches!

Finally, it was time to decorate the dining room ready for our parents’ arrival. The children helped to make beautiful flowers and bunting, filling the cake stands with the food and putting the final touches on the room.

Parents enjoyed a special performance of Spring Chicken and took part in some Makaton training! They learned lots of signs they can use at home to help communicate with their children.

The children had a lovely time and their parents said such kind things about the event!

Anita S It was a fantastic tea party – well done everyone! X 

Hayley P It was lovely to spend time with William. The team, as usual went to a lot of effort.

Lynsey M it was a lovely afternoon I am glad to have been part of it it was lovely to spend time with Maisie and to see all the parents come together the cakes were amazing well done to all the kids think they need to come to my house and bake me some thank you all xx

Emily R we had a lovely time. Thank you and a big well done to all the arp children and teachers. it was a yummy treat x

Red Nose Day Fun!

The children have had a fabulous time today raising money for Comic Relief. With Tayo leading, the children have been busily planning and preparing lots of fun activities.

In our maths lessons, the children have learned how to make amounts of money using different combinations of coins. This has helped them to run a shop, taking money and finding change. Next week, they will help to count the money and find the total amount we have raised.

The children enjoyed preparing their shop ready for lots of excited children!

Lots of fun activities were on offer including face painting, a penalty shoot out, crazy golf, pin the nose on the emoji and throwing wet sponges at the teachers!

ARP had a super time decorating red nose biscuits during Golden Time.

World Book Day

The children enjoyed celebrating World Book day by dressing up in their favourite book characters, sharing books with their friends and listening to an author talk about the book she had written.

Shrove Tuesday

The children have been learning about Shrove Tuesday and why we have the tradition of making pancakes.

We looked at the recipe for making pancakes and discussed what equipment we would need to make them. We weighed and measured the ingredients before following the method to make the batter. The children had fun carefully using the crêpe maker to cook a stack of pancakes! We filled our pancake with lots of delicious toppings.

Ice Ice Baby!

ARP had a wonderful time in a sunny winter wonderland today! The children got their skates on and enjoyed some time on the ice rink pushing the penguins around and dancing in the snow!


This week, we have learned all about bees during our talk time. Jayvon had been interested in the book ‘The Beeman’ and shared some facts with us about the different types of bees and the jobs they do.

Mr Owen talked about how bees collect the pollen and brought some real bee pollen to look at! We looked closely at an old nest that we had found in the woods. We even tried some delicious honey on our toast!

Chinese New Year

ARP have had an exciting time learning about the traditions of Chinese New Year. We have produced some fantastic art work and enjoyed some home-made ride, noodles and fortune cookies!

Winter Wonderland!

We have had a fabulous start to 2019!  There have been lots of changes in school and our classrooms have been transformed into Winter Wonderlands!

ARP 1 were surprised to see their classroom uptipped by a secret visitor!  They were left with some clues to find out who it was…

The children used the clues to predict who had left them a very special book.   They worked out it was a pesky penguin!

They will be reading a book called Lost and Found by Oliver Jeffers.  You can listen to the book here:

The children wrote a news report to tell people about the mess in their classroom left by the penguin and began learning about penguins.

Cole has had wonderful time exploring the different areas around school. He became an Arctic explorer, putting up a tent and enjoying some time in the woods. The other children loved spending time in the tent!

This week in Lego Club, the children  levelled up and used Lego We Do to follow instructions to build a programmable Lego creation!  Working in pairs, the children had to follow each step, get the correct pieces and build the motorised creation. When the children had finished building, they plugged the alligator and bird into the computer and used code to program the movement and sound.

Hour of Code

Today we have been learning about Coding.   We thought that a code is like a secret message.  Coding is simply special messages being entered into a computer program to make it perform different actions.       

We learned the meaning of this technical vocabulary:

Code – to write code, or to write instructions for a computer.

Debugging – Finding and fixing problems in your algorithm or program.

Program – An algorithm that has been coded into something that can be run by a machine.

We chose one of these different tasks to show how much we had learned. 

Have a look at the photos and videos of us working.

ARP 1 put their knowledge into action by using the Bee Bot app on the iPads. They coded the bee bot to move to the flower by using left, right, forward, backwards and counted how many spaces the Bee Bot needed to move around the course.

They also used other apps on the computer, using a mouse to navigate mazes and give directions to the characters.


Wet in the woods!

This afternoon, we braved the wet weather and had a great music session in the retreat! The wind and rain did not stop us enjoying ourselves!

Mr Owen was the drumming maestro – we used our good listening skills to do call and response (my turn, your turn). We copied the beat and sang along to the songs.

We kept a steady beat while singing to Baby Shark, There was an Old Lady who swallowed a fly and The Mighty Rushall Song.   Some of us had some excellent rhythm!

We returned to the warmth of the classroom to complete our art activity.  We threaded and weaved colourful fabric Christmas wreaths and carefully knocked nails into wood cookies to make Christmas nail art decorations. Look how safe we keep our fingers!

We can’t wait to hang them on the tree next week!